• mucosal associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma

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  • MALToma — B cell lymphoma of mucosa associated lymphoid tissue. SYN: extranodal marginal zone lymphoma. * * * mucosal associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma * * * MALT·oma (mawl toґmə) a form of extranodal marginal zone lymphoma originating in mucosa… …   Medical dictionary

  • maltoma — n. a mucosal associated lymphoid tissue tumour of low grade malignancy, treated by chemotherapeutic agents …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • MALT lymphoma — MALToma …   Medical dictionary

  • Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue — MALT redirects here. For germinated cereal grains, see Malt. The mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) (also called mucosa associated lymphatic tissue) is the diffusion system of small concentrations of lymphoid tissue found in various sites… …   Wikipedia

  • MALT lymphoma — Classification and external resources Endoscopic image of gastric MALT lymphoma taken in body of stomach in patient who presented with upper GI hemorrhage. Appearance is similar to gastric ulcer with adherent clot …   Wikipedia

  • Lymphoma — Tumor of the lymphoid tissue. Diagnosis is by biopsy. Treatment may be chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or medication, depending on the age of the patient and type of tumor. * * * Any neoplasm of lymphoid tissue; in general use, synonymous with… …   Medical dictionary

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